School Council

St Christopher's School runs a thriving School Council. Each year classes elect ,through a democratic process, two children from each year group to represent their class during School Council meetings with the staff lead Mrs K. Gething-Smith. The aim of these meetings is to give you, the children, a voice and to improve the school. Together these groups aid personal development in children; building confidence, improving team building and instilling a sense of responsibility. The election of representatives highlights the fundamental British values associated with the democratic voting system.

Latest Meeting Minutes

    School Council Minutes 22nd November 2017[86.89KB]
    School Council Minutes 27th September 2017[58.35KB]
    School Council Minutes 14th June 2017[56.52KB]
    School Council Minutes 10th May 2017[57.3KB]
    School Council Minutes 22nd March 2017[56.69KB]

Your class representatives for 2017-2018:

Year 1
Frank & Elis
Year 2
Chase & Harriet
Year 3
Osten & Ava
Year 4
Joe & Neve
Year 5
Aneria & Myles 
Year 6
Amy & Richard