Stationery List

                                                         HB Pencils

Pupils from Reception upwards

* 2 HB pencils
* 1 Pencil eraser
* 1 Pencil sharpener with shavings receptacle
* 1 x 30cm ruler, clear plastic and shatter-resistant, not marked in inches
* 1 Pencil case
* 1 Pair of scissors; any effective pair with rounded tips
* 1 Pritt stick or similar adhesive stick
* 1 Set of coloured pencils with at least 10 colours
* 2 Blue roller-ball pens (Year 3 upwards only)

Pupils in Years 4, 5 and 6 will also require

* 1 Pair compasses

* 1 Berol Handwriting Pen
* 1 Red ballpoint pen
1 Mini stapler and staples
1 Thesaurus, any small size of parents’ choice
1 Adult dictionary – any small size
1 Black fine liner pen
1 Pad A4 paper
Pupils in Years 5 and 6
1 Roll of clear adhesive eg Sellotape
* 180 Degree Protractor in clear plastic


From Key Stage 1, children will require a selection of text books under the following series

* Bond Assessment Papers

* Schofield & Sims Mental Arithmetic Books

* First Aid in English

Information on the purchase of these book will be made available as and when they are required.

* The school can supply these Items – Please contact Mr H. Cracknell or Mrs A. Kemp in the school office.

Pupils must always have in school the items relevant to their year group. If  a child is unable to produce an item for a lesson, they will be issued with a new item by the school and an account sent home with the termly invoice. In this way, we hope the minimum bother will be caused to parents.

It is advisable to keep spare pens, pencils and other relevant equipment at home so that homework may be completed properly if your child inadvertently leaves his/her pencil case at school. In an ideal world, the children will have a separate set of equipment for school and home.