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    Year 4 English Homework (2.3.2018)[62.66KB]
    Year 4 Maths Homework (2.3.2018)[986.44KB]
    Year 5 Maths Homework (2.3.2018)[2.18MB]
    Northbourne Cross Country[284.87KB]
    Chartham Cross Country[283.84KB]
    Infant Agility Event[286.11KB]
    University of Kent Football Tournament[273.47KB]
    Art & Sewing Club[265.87KB]
    British Science Week 2018[566.78KB]
    Year 6 PSHE Notification[205.02KB]
    Zumba Dance Class - Spring 2018 (Term 4)[169.51KB]
    EYFS & KS1 Dodgeball Club - Spring 2018 (Term 4)[272.76KB]
    KS2 Dodgeball Club - Spring 2018 (Term 4)[273.49KB]
    Year 3 & 4 Football Club - Spring 2018 (Term 4)[258.59KB]
    Year 1 & 2 Football Club - Spring 2018 (Term 4)[258.59KB]
    Year 5 and 6 Football Club - Spring 2018 (Term 4)[259.91KB]
    Walderchain Woods[295.24KB]
    Spanish Club - Spring 2018 - Term 2[254.18KB]
    Big Battery Hunt 2018[377.51KB]
    Year 5 & 6 Circuit Training[248.35KB]
    Adventure Training Club - Spring 2018[188.55KB]
    Zumba Classes[169.59KB]
    Carol Concert Programme - 7th December 2017[577.88KB]
    Spanish Club - Spring 2018[108.78KB]
    Multi-Skills Club - Spring Term 2018[239.85KB]
    Years 3 & 4 Football Club - Spring Term 2018[269.48KB]
    Year 1 & 2 Football - Spring Term 2018[268.9KB]
    St Nicholas Parade[344.98KB]
    French Club Spring Term 2018[292.81KB]
    School Book Fair 'Design a Book Cover' Competition[210.59KB]
    French Exchange[396.28KB]
    Christ Church University Language Workshop[267.08KB]
    Jago Sports Holiday Club - Winter 2017[246.1KB]
    PT&FA Newsletter No.1[543.09KB]
    Marlowe Theatre 'Panto' 2017[467.25KB]
    Harvest Festival Programme[232.78KB]
    Year 1 & 2 Farm to Fork Trip[272.27KB]
    French Club - Autumn Term 2017[256.79KB]
    Spanish Club - Autumn 2017[97.28KB]
    Ballet Sessions[152.74KB]
    Football Club (Years 1 & 2) - Autumn Term 2[256.59KB]
    Multi-Skills Cub - Autumn 2017[227.44KB]
    Football Club (Year 5 & 6) - Autumn Term 2[259.31KB]
    Chateau de Warsy[260KB]
    Little Yoga Club Letter[552.1KB]
    Forthcoming Dates[311.7KB]
    Year 1 & 2 Firestation Visit[175.47KB]
    Times Tables Homework[197.34KB]
    EYFS Newsletter - 28.9.17[127.25KB]
    EYFS Newsletter - 21.9.17[127.92KB]
    French Trip 2018[273.4KB]
    Bikeability Booklet[1.29MB]
    Year 6 Bikeability Training Letter[413.7KB]
    After School Spanish Club[97.9KB]
    Parent/Teacher Curriculum Meetings[228.01KB]
    School Menu Changes[597.02KB]
    Speech Day 2017 Programme[1.28MB]
    Bugsy Malone Production Programme[297.25KB]
    Final Week Information (3rd July-7th July 2017)[404.89KB]
    Used Devices Appeal[173.08KB]
    Sports Day Programme[874.71KB]
    Sports Day Information[401.64KB]
    EYFS and KS1 Trip to Toddler's Cove[262.14KB]
    Parent Notice - Slapped Cheek[283.15KB]
    Superhero Costume Day[265.47KB]
    Alice in Wonderland Tea Party[262.89KB]
    Year 6 Biosciences Careers Day[213.96KB]
    VE DAY Announcement Letter[268.69KB]
    Information for Friday 26th May 2017[459.42KB]
    Year 4 Trip to The Crystal, London[362.36KB]
    Year 6 Trip to The Globe Theatre , London[205.72KB]
    Bugsy Malone Costume Letter[273.52KB]
    Montreuil-sur–Mer, France[278.17KB]
    Scratch Coding Competition Details[104.36KB]
    EYFS and Year 1 Trip to Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway[272.49KB]
    Year 3 & 4 Football Club (Summer Term)[255.99KB]
    The Marlowe Theatre Big Sing![96.44KB]
    French Day Trip to Montreuil-Sur-Mer, Nord-Pas-de-Calais[184.64KB]
    Year 2 Tennis Spring 2017 (2nd Half)[310.04KB]
    Year 3 Hockey Spring 2017 (2nd Half)[151.23KB]
    Multi-Skills Club - Spring Term 2017 (2nd Half)[177.64KB]
    Years 4, 5 & 6 Sports - Spring Term 2017 (2nd Half)[258.6KB]
    Safer Internet Day 2017[341.39KB]
    EYFS, Year 1 and 2 Trip to the Firestation[265.02KB]
    Dodgeball Competition[257.96KB]
    Year 3 & 4 Football Club[257KB]
    Dance Club - Spring 2017[249.92KB]
    French Club - Spring Term 2017[254.54KB]
    Year 5 and 6 Trip to Canterbury Tales[267.25KB]
    Marlowe Theatre - The Snowman[234.67KB]
    Year 3 and 4 Trip to Canterbury Tales[268.22KB]
    Adventure Club - Spring 2017[238.85KB]
    Edmodo Letter[123KB]
    Football Club - Spring Term 2017[268.45KB]
    Years 2, 4 & 6 Sports - Spring Term 2017[269.23KB]
    School Digital Leaders Letter (Year 5 Only)[349.63KB]
    Herne Bay High Athletics Competition[257.48KB]
    School Carol Concert Programme 2016[339.72KB]
    Natural History Museum Trip[324.02KB]
    Swimming Lessons - Spring Term 2017[151.43KB]
    Hockey Lessons - Spring Term 2017[151.48KB]
    Tennis Lessons - Spring Term 2017[310.58KB]
    Multi-Skills Jago Sports Club - Spring Term 2017[178.38KB]
    Anti-Bullying Week 2016[411.54KB]
    Absence Threshold Information[195.2KB]
    NSPCC: Speak Out, Stay Safe Assembly[231.8KB]
    Online Safety for Parents (Seminar Notes 7th March 2016)[434.17KB]
    Anti-Bullying Tips - Parents & Carers[162.76KB]