General Information

Session Times

Key Stage 1 & 2 Smiling St Christopher's Pupil

Morning: 8.50am for Registration - 12.20pm

Afternoon 1.20pm for Registration - 3.00pm EYFS

               1.20pm for Registration - 3.15pm Key Stage 1 & 2


Children may bring a savoury snack, some fruit and/or vegetables, preferably in a named sandwich bag/box. Sweets, confectionary or chocolates or products containing nuts should be avoided. Please also include a non-glass drinks container. Fresh, chilled water is available throughout the school.

Accidents and Illness

Where children are fit to attend school but require medication during school hours, parents are requested to inform the school in writing. any medication required during the day schould be sent in a clearly labelled container with the child's name, time of administration and amount written. For longer-term illnesses (such as Asthma, Epi-pens etc) please supply the school with an 'emergency pack'. Information on the supply of these schould be sought from the Senior School First-Aider.

In all cases where there is a doubt as to the nature of severity of the injury the parent is informed and if 

St Christopher's Pupil Reading

needs be the child is sent to hospital. Please ensure your emergency telephone numbers are up to date in the school office. 


All adults are required to call at the office to sign in and to obtain a visitor badge before proceeding further into the school except when delivering or collecting children at normal collection times. This instruction is delivered to all contractors and to all who may have business on the premises. Our concern is for the safety and welfare of the children in our charge.

Car Parking

Please do not park on the zig zag lines outside the school. Please do not park on the school grounds unless after 3.30pm. Parking can be strictly enforced by Canterbury City Council with fixed penalties of £60. Please be mindful of local residents and their own parking provisions. Please avoid parking across driveways.