Year 6 Class Diary

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Date What did Year 6 do and what did they learn? Pictures
21st June 2017

Year 6 pupils enjoyed a careers & curriculum day on 21st June 2017. The focus of the day was to bring to life and showcase some of the roles and careers in the ‘frontline’ and ‘behind the scenes’ of the NHS. 

Year 6 children completed a series of experiments which were carefully selected and designed to match the Key Stage 2 Science Curriculum including:

  • Microbiology - Allergen testing
  • Clinical Biochemistry – Testing plasma samples
  • Osteo-Physiology – Analysing X-rays
  • Respiratory Physiology  - breathing rates
  • Dentistry – what causes tooth decay

Volunteer NHS staff guided pupils along the way as they worked in pairs to complete workbooks, analyse samples, collate results and present their findings in a presentation to their peers at the end of the day. In addition pupils used what they had learned throughout the event to attempt to diagnose the complaints of a variety of theoretical outpatients.

A Consultant with EBP Kent - Elena Setterfield said:

"pupils were extremely involved with the science and we were delighted with their participation in all the activities. Their presentations were of an extremely high quality".


19th June 2017 On Friday 16th June 2017 the St Christopher's School community came together to celebrate VE Day. Children arrived at school in a variety of 1940s era costumes from returning evacuees to military personnel. Year 4 children podded fresh peas in preparation for a special lunch WW2 luncheon prepared by Mrs Baker and Mrs Wallace. At 2pm the real festivities started. Throughout the weeks leading up to VE Day pupils had been practicing celebratory performances to present to their peers and parents. On the day pupils delivered excellent renditions of the following songs and readings. Year 5 & 6 performed  "Think about what you know" (an original composition)
12th June 2017

In Maths we have been looking at shape, constructing 3D shapes from nets as well as designing our own nets from scratch.

“I drew the net of a hexagonal based pyramid. I had to draw a hexagon and do identical triangles around the edge.”


“I created the net of a cuboid. I had to think about the base first and work from there, adding the faces.”


Catherine's Net of a CuboidManryan's Net of a Hexagonal Based Pyramid
8th June 2017

We held a whole school election. Year 5 and 6 pupils learnt about democracy and our election process whilst creating their own party and campaigining for overall power at St Christopher's School. 

The Kids' Choice Party Manifesto:

More Sports in School

Have a Variety of Different Sports in One Session

More Play Equipment

Have a Buffet with Salad Bar for Lunch

The Kids Choice Party Logo
6th June 2017 This term Year 6 are going to be writing and illustrating their own picture books for the Reception and Year 1 children. We began by looking at well-known examples of picture books and trying to identify the common features, such as rhyme, repetition and simple language. Examples of Well Known Picture Books
24th May 2017

Year 6 had a fantastic time visiting Shakespeare’s Globe in London. 

Our day began with a tour of the theatre during which we had a chance to have a close look at the stage, set up for that evening’s performance of Twelfth Night. We tried out the different seating options available to theatre-goers from the ‘groundlings’, who have to stand for entire performances, to the exclusive royal boxes where, unlike the main seating areas, there are cushions provided to sit on rather than just wooden benches!

Our tour was followed by a workshop, where we looked at a scene from Macbeth and explored through various drama activities how meaning can be conveyed by voice, action and movement. The children threw themselves enthusiastically into these exercises and it was wonderful to see them grow in confidence and willingness to experiment throughout the morning.

In the afternoon we enjoyed a riverside picnic outside the Tate Modern before returning to The Globe to explore the permanent exhibition. The exhibition includes information about the history of the theatre and what London was like when Shakespeare was alive. Also available to see and touch were various props and costumes from the plays that have been performed at The Globe since its reconstruction. The children particularly enjoyed discovering how sound effects such as thunder are created manually on stage and learning about bankside amusements in Tudor London including the Frost Fair. 

Pupil's Participating in a Macbeth WorkshopShakespeare's Globe
10th May 2017

In Maths we have been learning about fractions. This week we worked on identifying equivalences between fractions, decimals and percentages. We made our own pairs games which we used to challenge our friends on both their equivalences knowledge and their memory skills!

Pupil's Playing Their Own Pairs Game
April 2017

In English this term we have been exploring the work of William Shakespeare, focussing on Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth.

We acted out the scene from Romeo and Juliet in which Mercutio and Tybalt are killed. We read from the original text, then improvised our own version in modern, colloquial English.

“I preferred the original version to the modern version because when you read out the original the longer speeches make it seem more dramatic. I also enjoyed the original because it challenged me and it seemed more serious and important than the modern day version.”


“I preferred the original version to the modern version because it feels like I’m acting back then and it feels like such an honour to be acting a Shakespeare play, word for word. It feels like I’m actually someone from that time. The language is so complex and I want to understand what he means.”


“I preferred the modern version to the original because when we said our lines we could understand what we were saying. Also you can get rid of Shakespeare’s terrible jokes.”


We also created freeze frames of the scene in which Macbeth meets the witches for the first time, using thought-tracking to focus on the feelings and motivations of each of the characters. 

A Group of Pupil's Acting Out a Scene from Romeo and JulietA Group of Pupil's Acting Out a Scene from Romeo and Juliet
28th April 2017

Today Year 6 welcomed PCSO N.Simmons (E-Safety Officer for East Kent as part of the Kent Police Strategic Partnership Command). She spoke to Years 5 and 6 pupils about E-Safety.

St Christopher’s School identifies that the internet and information communication technologies are an important part of everyday life and we believe children must be supported to be able to learn how to develop strategies to manage and respond to risk so they can be empowered to build resilience online. As part of that objective PCSO Simmons delivered two seperate hour long interactive presentations on a number of topics with a particular focus on social networking. 

Children were reminded of who to go to if they feel unsafe online including telling an adult they trust. In addition pupils looked at the CEOP Button ( which is an essential tool in reporting things that have happened online that have worried you or made you feel unsafe. You will notice the CEOP button on every page on our school website as well as a plethora of additional E-Safety resources available here: /parents/resources-for-parents/

Kent Police Logo
27th April 2017

Today we had a visit from Table Tennis star Darius Knight visited St Christopher's School. Darius is currently playing for England on the ITTF World Pro Tour Circuit and counts European Youth Champion, Youth Olympic Champion, British Men's Champion and a member of Team GB for London 2012 amongst his accolades. He is therefore well placed to come to St Christopher's to deliver a professional circuit training workout to the whole school in addition to holding a whole school assembly to talk about how he came into sport and his ongoing success as a professional sports star.‚Äč

The presentation from Darius was excellent, focusing on the idea that we all have a talent but invariably it is hard work and practice that allows us to reach our goals. Do something you have a passion for and work hard and you can achieve anything. A good example of this theme is featured in a book by Matthew Syed entitled 'Bounce'.

Darius came to our school as we aim to raise funds for our own sporting endeavours including extra play equipment to get our pupils active. This was done by pupils being sponsored by their families to take part in the circuit training and we thank parents and extended families for being so generous. Not only do we hope the morning as a whole was beneficial, but we hope the money raised will keep the children active in the days, weeks and months ahead as they make use of the additional resources. 

Table Tennis Start Darius Knight with Pupil's