Year 4 Class Diary

Keep checking here for Year 4 updates during the current term.

What did Year 4 do and what did they learn?


This morning Year 4 had the fantastic opportunity to attend a samba dance workshop in preparation for the Canterbury Festival Opening Day Parade. We learned two different samba routines as well as improvising sections of the dances ourselves. It was a wonderful way to learn about different cultures and skills in music and performance. Look out for us the parade on Saturday!  


On Wednesday 27th September, Years 4 and 5 were delighted to have a visit from an Ancient Greek storyteller. She shared the tragic story of Orpheus and Eurydice with us and we used drama to visualise some of the most unusual similes.

We found out that the Greeks passed on their stories not through writing them down, but through oral retelling. We played some memory games to try to understand how the Greek storytellers could have remembered such long pieces of text, and we used drumming and clapping to help find the rhythm in the words. We also explored ways to make a story exciting for an audience, using our voices, facial expressions and bodies to really make each tale come alive. 


In Science, Year 4 are exploring the digestive system. We discussed the functions of the different teeth:

incisors for biting, canines for piercing and tearing and molars for chewing. We then made models of our teeth, trying to represent the shape and size of each tooth as accurately as possible!

On 8th September 2017 and throughout this week in English, Year 4 have begun to explore Greek myths. In groups, we acted out Perseus and Medusa and Theseus and the Minotaur. We used the story maps we had made earlier in the week to help us sequence the stories, and we improvised the dialogue between the characters.