Year 2 Class Diary

Year 2 is the pupils final year in Key Stage 1 and a chance for them to consolidate all they have learnt so far as well as exploring these ideas in more depth. Year 2 allows children to not only expand on existing knowledge but engage with fresh concepts in our broad and balanced curriculum

Check back soon for Year 2 updates during the current term.

Date What did Year 2 do and what did they learn? Big smiles!!
3rd July 2017 The children in Reception and Pre-Reception have had lots of fun this term learning about Minibeasts.  For their end of year party  the children invited their friends in Year 1 and 2 to an amazing Ugly Bug Ball party . Everyone was asked to make a healthy snack in the style of insects.
These were very impressive . From ladybirds and beetles to butterflies and grasshoppers. All of the food designs were very creative, delicious and (best of all) healthy! Frank even brought us some real worms and crickets for our very own 'bush tucker challenge'.
The children voted for the most creative looking snack .
The winning dishes were made by Kishore, Elis,  Osten and Frank .
19th June 2017 On Friday 16th June 2017 the St Christopher's School community came together to celebrate VE Day. Children arrived at school in a variety of 1940s era costumes from returning evacuees to military personnel. Year 4 children podded fresh peas in preparation for a special lunch WW2 luncheon prepared by Mrs Baker and Mrs Wallace. At 2pm the real festivities started. Throughout the weeks leading up to VE Day pupils had been practicing celebratory performances to present to their peers and parents. On the day pupils delivered excellent renditions of the following songs and readings. Year 1 & 2 Performed Run Rabbit Run - Flanagan & Allen
8th June 2017

We held a whole school election. Year 1 and 2 pupils learnt about democracy and our election process whilst creating their own party and campaigining for overall power at St Christopher's School. 

The Fit & Awake Party Manifesto:

Gym in the School

No More Homework

Xbox Lessons Everyday

Swimming Pool in the School

Fit and Awake Party Logo
24th May 2017 Year 2 enjoyed a fantastic drama workshop with the excellent Ian Crosher from Kic Theatre. Our topic today was 'Behaviour' and the children enjoyed a specialist workshop  based on the theme 'Playing Together and Playing Nicely'  to complement classroom work during PSHE. Pupils were encouraged to explore the theme through the various practical dramatic exercises.  Kic Teatre Company Logo
23rd May 2017

EYFS and Key Stage 1 children took part in Big Top Circus Training today. The circus workshop was run by the inimitable staff from Bindlesticks Theatre Company and pupils explored a variety of activities to improve their physical development and coordination.

As part of the Circus Academy modules the children experienced using diabolos, poise (without the fire!!), pedal go, stilts and of course plate spinning. The aim of the course is to gain a fully fledged qualification from the Bindlesticks Circus Academy and we are pleased to announce all pupils graduated with 'First Class' degrees. Well done to all pupils involved who thoroughly enjoyed an excellent day!

St. Christopher's Pupils on Stilts
9th May 2017 Year 2 have been enjoying reading 'The Green Ship' by Quentin Blake. This book follows two bold explorers on the lookout for an adventure who discovers something astonishing!  We have written our own adaptations of the story changing the adventures the characters embark on as well as their discoveries.  'The Green Ship' by Quentin Blake
27th April 2017

Year 2 joined the whole school in welcoming Table Tennis star Darius Knight visited St Christopher's School. Darius is currently playing for England on the ITTF World Pro Tour Circuit and counts European Youth Champion, Youth Olympic Champion, British Men's Champion and a member of Team GB for London 2012 amongst his accolades. He is therefore well placed to come to St Christopher's to deliver a professional circuit training workout to the whole school in addition to holding a whole school assembly to talk about how he came into sport and his ongoing success as a professional sports star.‚Äč

The presentation from Darius was excellent, focusing on the idea that we all have a talent but invariably it is hard work and practice that allows us to reach our goals. Do something you have a passion for and work hard and you can achieve anything. A good example of this theme is featured in a book by Matthew Syed entitled 'Bounce'.

Darius came to our school as we aim to raise funds for our own sporting endeavours including extra play equipment to get our pupils active. This was done by pupils being sponsored by their families to take part in the circuit training and we thank parents and extended families for being so generous. Not only do we hope the morning as a whole was beneficial, but we hope the money raised will keep the children active in the days, weeks and months ahead as they make use of the additional resources. 

Table Tennis Star Darius Knight with Pupils