Year 2 Class Diary

Year 2 is the pupils final year in Key Stage 1 and a chance for them to consolidate all they have learnt so far as well as exploring these ideas in more depth. Year 2 allows children to not only expand on existing knowledge but engage with fresh concepts in our broad and balanced curriculum

Check back soon for Year 2 updates during the current term.

What did Year 2 do and what did they learn?  

Years 2 visited Canterbury Fire Station on 6th October 2017. Year 2 have been looking at the Great Fire of London as part of their class topic. Where better in Canterbury to learn about this topic than with a school outing to Canterbury Fire Station to see first-hand the role of the Kent Fire & Rescue Service?

Pupils were split into groups and given a tour of the Fire Station starting in the control room where the firefighters will receive the initial call out. This led of course to the hub of the station which is the fire engine room. The firefighters spoke to pupils about what they do to keep us safe as well as talking through the very Important equipment found on the fire engines that they use when attending to emergencies. Pupils then visited the training yard where they took it in turns to use the powerful hose used to extinguish fires as well as a detailed look at a working fire engine. A fantastic experience for all the children expanding what has been learnt in the classroom (especially as Year 2 pupils now know that firefighting equipment extends beyond the leather buckets used in 1666!).

Year 2 & 3 have been enjoying hockey this term at the fantastic Polo Farm Hockey Centre. Using the professional water based astro-turf pupils take part in sessions delivered by a top local coach to introduce them to the sport.  
On 21st September 2017 we found out we have some chefs in the making! This week we have been following and writing instructions! 
As part of this topic we prepared and made Gingerbread Men and have written instructions to go with it! (If you need the recipe just ask one of year 2 pupils!) we have also used Gingerbread Men to recognise 1/2's in maths!