Year 1 Class Diary

Year 1 is an exciting transition year from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1. The curriculum is slightly more structured for building on all the key skills in reading, writing and maths along with opportunities for learning through topic based activties in subjects such as Science, History, Geography, Art and Music. We learn in a creative way, support each other and still have fun learning through play.

Check back soon for Year 1 updates.

What did Year 1 do and what did they learn? 


All the children in Year 1 and early years worked together to create a super long conker garland . We all helped to carry it up the stairs and to decorate our banisters ready for Our Harvest Festival celebrations. The Conker Garland is now hanging along the bannister going up the stairs in the main entrance. Please do pop in to have a look!

Years 1 visited Canterbury Fire Station on 6th October 2017. Year 1 have been talking about action heroes as part of their literacy and in particular Traction Man by Mini Grey. Where better in Canterbury to learn about heroes than with a school outing to Canterbury Fire Station to see first-hand the role of the Kent Fire & Rescue Service?

Pupils were given a tour of the Fire Station starting in the control room where the firefighters will receive the initial call out. This led of course to the hub of the station which is the fire engine room. The firefighters spoke to pupils about what they do to keep us safe as well as talking through the very Important equipment found on the fire engines that they use when attending to emergencies. 

Pupils then visited the training yard where they took it in turns to use the powerful hose used to extinguish fires as well as a detailed look at a working fire engine. A fantastic experience for all the children expanding what has been learnt in the classroom.


The children in Early Years and Year 1 brought their Bears, bunnies, unicorns , gorillas into school today.  At playtime we left them safe in the classroom, or so we thought. When we came back inside all of the toys had disappeared. The children then made  posters of their missing toys and went around the school explaining to everyone what had happened .
Finally, we all decided there was only one thing to do......GO ON A BEAR HUNT! The children were all very excited to find their toys again and enjoyed a delicious  honey sandwich picnic in the lovely September sunshine .

On 22nd Sepember 2017 we made Bear Toast! This was as part of our literacy lesson on 'following instructions' and linked to our book of the week 'We're Going On A Bear Hunt'. Pupils in Year 1 made Bear themed toast and later on in the day year 1 children wrote in their books about their "toast making" so others have instructions to follow to make delicious toast of their own! 


Today Year 1 were experimenting with different liquids that they've poured into cups of water, The children made predictions about what would happen and then tested if the liquids would float or sink. They tested oil, food colouring, washing liquid and milk.