Modern Foreign Languages

"Learning a language at St Christopher’s School is a liberation from insularity and provides an opening to other cultures such as Spanish, French, Chinese and Latin"

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Date What have we been doing at St Christopher's School for Modern Foreign Languages? Say Cheese!

22nd November 2017

On Wednesday 22nd November, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils visited the Europa Language Village in Havering, Essex. When we arrived we were given a briefing and booklets to complete. The pupils were split into small groups and each group had a native Spanish teacher from either Spain or Latin America who spoke to them exclusively in Spanish.

The Europa Language Village is essentially a purpose-built Spanish town, with shops such as the Panaderia (Bakery), Carniceria (Butchers), Tienda de Ropa (Clothes Shop), Cine (Cinema), Farmacia (Chemist) and many more! The students had to go into the shops and practice ordering things plus complete a task to find the missing toy. Perhaps our favourite bit was the break in the middle for Chocolate croissants (cruasáns de chocolate) and orange juice (zumo de naranja), all ordered in Spanish of course! 

At the end of session we had a debrief where we talked about what we had done, again in Spanish.

The students really enjoyed the opportunity to practice their Spanish in real-life and apply practically what has been learnt in the classroom with Mrs Hudson at St Christopher's School. We will definitely be going back!

16th May 2017

St Christopher's spent a day celebrating France as part of our language curriculum and based on the animation feature film 'Ratatouille' (set of course in Paris!).

Pupils, dressed as characters from the film, took part in an interactive cookery lesson at the cookery school of 'Madame Holland'. She disclosed the recipe for the dish Ratatouille, inviting pupils up to the front of assembly to take part in its preparation. Chef Holland introduced the mastery of French cooking to pupils, all the while expanding the pupils French vocabulary as she worked through the stages required to make this classic French dish.Prior to lunch pupils built up an appetite with a French dance workshop accompanied by traditional French music.

Mrs Baker and Miss Skippen prepared a special menu for the le menu aujourd'hui. Pupils delighted in tasting French fare including Ratatouille, Boeuf Bourguignon, Baguette followed by Tarte aux Pommes. A delicious menu.

Teachers of course were involved, preparing special lessons for pupils along a French theme. KS2 took part in crafts by preparing a paper city. Year 3 created the Eiffel Tower in the style of Ben Heine. KS2 set about placing famous French buildings on an interactive map in addition to fact finding about famous Parisian buildings.

The day concluded with pupils coming together to enjoy French cakes and confection in the St Christopher's School Boulangerie against a backdrop of billowing Tricolores and French music. 

2 Pupils Dressed as Characters from RatatouilleTwo Students Dress Up as Chefs
6th-8th March 2017

French Residential Trip (more infromation in the special Newsletter at /parents/newsletters/)

Séjour au Château de Warsy, mars 2017
Voici un petit résumé de notre séjour. 
 Après un départ sans complications ou retard nous nous sommes mis en route pour notre voyage.  Une fois en France nous avons visité une boulangerie et vu comment le pain traditionnel était fait.  Nous avons fait des croissants en suivant les instructions de Mr le Boulanger et ensuite nous avons dégusté des croissants et pains au chocolat. La visite de la chocolaterie de Beussent s’est très bien déroulée.  Nous avons appris comment le chocolat était fait et bien sûr nous avons pu goûter au chocolat noir et au lait. Arrivés à Warsy nous avons mis nos sacs dans la chambre et pris notre repas à la cantine.  Après le repas nous avons fait des jeux avec les moniteurs et puis droit à la salle de bains et au lit.
Le mardi notre visite à la chèvrerie nous a fasciné; il y avait 150 chèvres et leurs petits. Nous avons goûté au fromage et au lait de chèvre, c’était très bon. L’ après-midi nous avons fait des activités dehors dans le parc du Château; l’échelle de Jacob / Jacobs ladder et l’empilement de caisses / crate stacking. On s’est bien amusés! Le soir nous avons fait une chasse au trésor dans le parc.
Mercredi était le jour de retour. Nous sommes allés À Amiens où nous avons pris un chocolat chaud et mangé des macarons, nous avons visité la magnifique cathédrale et vu le marché. Puis nous sommes rentrés à Canterbury bien fatigués mais ravis de notre visite en France.
Madame Holland

4th November 2016 Year 6 took part ,with other local schools, in a Language Workshop at Christ Church University on Friday 4th November 2016. The children had the opportunity to work in various languages with second year language students and their lecturers. Year 6 Pupil's Taking Part in a Language WorkshopSt Christopher's Pupils Viewing a Presentation at the Language Workshop
21st June 2016

Pupils from St Christopher's School Chamber Choir and the morning French Club visited France on Tuesday 21st June 2016. 

Children travelled by EuroTunnel to Wimereux in France to the Le Paradis de la Pointe Aux Oies restaurant. Here the Chamber Choir performed in front of the restaurant with their teacher Mr Preece and the French Club applied practically what they have been learning in their French language lessons. 

Pupils enjoyed the ambience of the restaurant, speaking French and being involved in the French culture. 

Le Paradis de la Pointe Aux Oies, Wimereux in France