Key Stage 2 Diary

"In Key Stage 2, children develop the knowledge that they have acquired from Early Years and Key Stage 1. Maintaining a focus on English and Mathematics, children are also provided with opportunities to further their scientific, language, sporting and creative skills. Personal development continues to play an important part in equipping our pupils with important life skills"                                                            


Check back soon for Key Stage 2 updates during the current term.

What did Key Stage 2 do and what did they learn?
The inimitable Ian Crosher was back at St Christopher's School to deliver another round of drama workshops to Key Stage 2. Our theme this time round was Safer Internet Day and each class chose a topic around that theme including Cyber-Bullying, Keeping Yourself Safe Online (SMART), Inappropriate Use of Images, Keeping Personal Information Safe Online and Gaming Online. Pupils explored these themes in great detail, performing In groups and creating narratives to engage with their chosen topic.

After creating a class toolkit for a character description yesterday, today Year 5 have been using drama to try to get into the head of our focus character.

First, we came up with a list of questions we’d like to ask Fuchsia. Then we split into pairs, with one of us acting as Fuchsia and the other as the interviewer. We had to think carefully about what Fuchsia might say as well as what her body language and facial expressions might be based on what we know about her. In each pair, both of us had a chance to be the interviewer and to be Fuchsia.


As part of our studies of flashbacks as literary devices, year 6 have been studying a number of Harry Potter texts. This week, we have been looking at Rowling’s use of a ‘Pensieve’ as a tool to introduce a flashback to a text.

Using these resources, along with a recap of adverbial, prepositional and relative phrases and clauses, the children have been writing a personalised ‘Pensieve’ flashback, based upon the memories of a member of their family.


Year 3 invited classes, teachers and parents to come and look at their class and homework based on the topic of The Romans. 

The children had worked incredibly hard on their projects and it was wonderful to share their work with everyone. Year 3 also shared Roman foods (pictured) such as salted peas (Romans used to eat these like popcorn whilst watching gladiators in the Colosseum!), dates, bread, olive oil and wine (blackcurrant juice!). 


Our current science subject is forces in action. We planned and executed an experiment showing how the shape of an object affects its air resistance. This followed up nicely on the work we did on National Science Day when we studied the work of Galileo Galilei.

Year 3 are reading Roald Dahl's book, Fantastic Mr Fox, in our English lessons.‚Äč
During one lesson (pictured to the right) we interrogated Mr Fox, asking him questions about himself and the world he inhabits to help us better understand his character.