Key Stage 1 Diary

Year 1 is an exciting transition year from Foundation Stage to Key Stage 1. The curriculum is slightly more structured for building on all the key skills in reading, writing and maths along with opportunities for learning through topic based activties in subjects such as Science, History, Geography, Art and Music. We learn in a creative way, support each other and still have fun learning through play.

Check back soon for Key Stage 1 updates during the current term...


What did Key Stage 1 do and what did they learn? 


The photo to the left was taken by a pupil in year 1 from todays science lesson. Our class went out into the school garden to find and categorise different types of plant. The class share their own knowledge of plants as well as learning the names of lots of new plants too. It was our first lesson in our topic on 'plants'. 

The inimitable Ian Crosher was back at St Christopher's School to deliver another round of drama workshops to Key Stage 1. Our theme this time round was Safer Internet Day and each class chose a topic around that theme including Cyber-Bullying, Keeping Yourself Safe Online (SMART), Inappropriate Use of Images, Keeping Personal Information Safe Online and Gaming Online. Pupils explored these themes in great detail, performing In groups and creating narratives to engage with their chosen topic.

St Christopher’s School was enchanted on 25th January when Belle from Beauty and the Beast came to take part in an interactive-reading workshop to Key Stage 1. A fantastic morning and children had a photo opportunity with the Disney princess. The question remains however, if Belle was the Beauty who is the Beast at St Christopher’s School!?

Year 1 & 2 took part in a fantastic Farm to Fork Breakfast Workshop at St Christopher's School on 24th January 2018. 

A follow up to our store visit on 1st November 2017, pupils focused on starting the day with a healthy and nutritious breakfast. Children made their own breakfast muesli including a variety of fruits, yogurts, oats, bran flakes and seeds. The Tesco staff were very informative and this interactive workshop allowed pupils to engage with healthy ingredients and gave them lots of ideas to stay healthy. - Lots of tips from the NHS 'Change 4 Life' scheme  from information on snacks and drinks to recipes and fun ideas to help children stay healthy.

In Year 2 we have started learning about China. We have been looking at the Great Wall of China, transport, landmarks and even the Terracotta Army! 

We have been building our own Great Walls of China using clay, only another 5,500 miles to go!!