Early Years Class Diary

The Reception year is a springboard into learning and securing the skills that a child will use and need throughout the rest of their life. We aim to teach in a creative way to engage, challenge and motivate the children. It is from here that each child will hopefully develop lively and enquiring minds in preparation for Key Stage 1

Keep checking back here for updates on Early Years progression throughout the current term  


What did Early Years do and what did they learn?
Early Years and Year 1 went on an Easter Egg hunt organised by Year 6 today (22.3.18). 
They collected all their eggs together and came in to do some egg-based maths. First they estimated how many eggs there were altogether and counted them as a group. Then they counted how many children there were and estimated how many each person would be getting (the answer was 4). Always an opportunity for maths at St Christopher's!!

During Science Week pupils in Early Years took the opportunity to discover the world around them. Mrs Ongley showed the children a Pygmy Hedgehog named Peggy Pog! During Mrs Pog's visit to Early Years children discussed the environments tame hedgehogs live in and compared it to that of the wild hedgehogs. The children explored the influence of human activity on the habitats of our friendly wild hedgehogs and talked about how we can improve our community areas to make them hedgehog friendly environments.

Their week long 'Watch a Seed Grow' experiment looked at how altering the growing environments changed the plants ability to grow. The children made changes to the amount of light, water and growing medium available to the cress which allowed pupils to compare these influences on plants and how these changes might occur.

While looking at similarities, differences, patterns and change glass bottles were filled with varying volumes of liquid. Children explored how the differences in liquid lead to changes in the sound of the bottles when hit. More information and photos can be found in our special Science Week Newsletter here.

Our Newsletter dated 5th February 2018 is now available to download and view at /parents/newsletters/
The inimitable Ian Crosher was back at St Christopher's School to deliver another round of drama workshops to Early Years. Pupils in Early Years enjoyed exploring the theme of Dinosaurs in keeping with their recent topic. Pupils performed In groups and created narratives to engage with how the dinosaurs moved and how they sounded.

You may have noticed (and let’s be honest It was hard not to!) a plethora of dinosaur themed shenanigans around the Early Years classroom and even in our very own Newsletter last week. Dinosaurs escaped from Early Years and started causing havoc in classrooms and around the school.  It culminated in a massive egg appearing in the entrance hall (pictured) on 30th January 2018. On 31st January 2018 the egg hatched which helped the children put in to context the size of the dinosaurs. As part of the topic children have been contributing to their profiles with the building, naming, drawing, counting and sorting of dinosaurs.  

Early Years have a problem at the moment with some errant dinosaurs. Now the WHOLE SCHOOL has a problem too because they went on the rampage last night...look what they did!! Tipping over chairs and going through pupils' desk drawers is NOT how Dinosaurs should behave. Anyone with any information should speak to Mrs Ongley. 



This week the children have been building dinosaur skeletons . First of all we made different size bones using
salt dough. After our salt dough bones had dried out we organised the bones into different sizes and created our own skeletons of all shapes and sizes.


The children went into the garden to pick pumpkins . They talked about all the different sizes and colours. Then we tried to organise them into size order.
After that we took the pumpkins indoors to decorate them and give them a name.
At the end of the day we performed a pumpkin parade to the whole school. Even our Mums, Dads, Grandmas and Grandads came to watch!

All the children in Year 1 and early years worked together to create a super long conker garland . We all helped to carry it up the stairs and to decorate our banisters ready for Our Harvest Festival celebrations. The Conker Garland is now hanging along the bannister going up the stairs in the main entrance. Please do pop in to have a look!
Today the Early Years class had a big surprise when a letter came down our chimney.  We read the letter and didn't know who had sent it.  Then the children heard someone crying . We searched everywhere and found a poor little wet dirty baby bear hiding in the corner.
The poor little bear was very hungry so the children decided to make him some porridge.  The children decided what ingredients to use. Then we put the porridge on the stove to cook. The children said that it would take a long time to cook so we went outside to play for a little while .
Then when we came back in ,we found a terrible mess in our room and the porridge was gone .
We really didn't know who could have done this, so we went outside again to look for clues.
The children found all sorts of clues including  the giant's boot and golden harp, a small broken chair, Mr Wolf's recipe book  and some gingerbread man crumbs.
The children drew some pictures and wrote the names of who they thought could have taken the porridge.
Was is the giant? Was it Mr Wolf? Or was it that naughty Goldilocks again ?
Our EYFS Newsletter for 28.9.17 is now available to view at /parents/lettershome/. It features a plethora of information about what Early Years have been up to as well as what is coming up.
The children in Early Years and Year 1 brought their Bears, bunnies, unicorns , gorillas into school today.  At playtime we left them safe in the classroom, or so we thought. When we came back inside all of the toys had disappeared. The children then made  posters of their missing toys and went around the school explaining to everyone what had happened .
Finally, we all decided there was only one thing to do......GO ON A BEAR HUNT!
The children were all very excited to find their toys again and enjoyed a delicious  honey sandwich picnic in the lovely September sunshine .

Today the children were very surprised when lots of letters suddenly fell down our chimney. We were even more shocked to find that the letters were addressed to the children's own teddy bears and toys .
Goldilocks has planned a teddy bears picnic for Wednesday and everyone's bears bunnies, unicorns and even gorillas are invited!

Our EYFS Newsletter for 21.9.17 is now available to view at /parents/lettershome/. It features a plethora of information about what Early Years have been up to as well as what is coming up.