The school assembly is the foundation of our curriculum and underpins the institutional values of St Christopher's School aiming to create, nurture and sustain a sense of community. It reinforces the positive school ethos urging pupils to reflect upon a set of universal values, such as love, peace, truth, co-operation and respect. These values act as the benchmark not only for religious education (RE) but for the development of personal, social and health education (PSHE), citizenship and the spiritual, moral, social and cultural (SMSC) aspects of the curriculum.

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16th May 2018 St Christopher's School were delighted to have Karen Waddell attend our assembly on Wednesday. She introduced the book fair to pupils and shared some of the books that will be on offer. The book fair takes place in the school hall between 21st-24th May 2018.
12th March 2018 Mr Perry held a special Science Week assembly to introduce Science Week 2018. This week pupils will be engaging in very different lessons from birds nest making to mini-beast hunts. Mr Perry also announced the results of the poster competition. Look out for our Science Week Newsletter here for more information.
5th February 2018

This year St. Christopher’s School participated in Children’s Mental Health Week for the first time. On Monday 5th February Mrs Mclean delivered two assemblies. One at 9.00am to KS2 and one at 2.30pm to KS1 and EYFS.

Mrs Mclean (SENCo) spoke about how we should look at ourselves for who we are. We are all different and we should celebrate what makes us special.

In line with our developing Mental Health Strategy, children participated in one activity everyday across the week with the aim of increasing acceptance around discussing our mental health and emotions. 

To find out more about Children’s Mental Health week go to

23rd January 2018

PC Elliott and PC Nelson visited St Christopher's School on Tuesday 23rd January to deliver a presentation on the role of the Kent Police in our community. Running through their duties, both officers were consummate professionals and delivered an engaging and interactive assembly. 

13th November 2017 Mr Payne delivered a fantastic assembly on Monday 13th November 2017. One of the set-pieces was inviting pupils to come up in front of assembly and looking inside a box. What they saw was very special and it turned out what they were looking at was a mirror and thus themselves!! Pupils went on to enjoy the rest of Anti-Bullying week in class focusing on the overriding theme of 'All Different/All Equal'.
10th November 2017

Pupils at St Christopher's School fell silent today (10th November 2017) at 11am in advance of Armistice Day tomorrow to remember and honour those that have paid the ultimate price in protecting our freedom.

Before the silence Mr Kundu and Ms Keam held Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 1 assemblies respectively to share with pupils why we commemorate Armistice Day, why we wear a poppy and the enduring importance of the Royal British Legion.

16th May 2017

St Christopher's spent a day celebrating France as part of our language curriculum and based on the animation feature film 'Ratatouille' (set of course in Paris!).

Pupils, dressed as characters from the film and took part in an interactive cookery lesson at the cookery school of 'Madame Holland'. She disclosed the recipe for the dish Ratatouille during a lively assembly, inviting pupils up to the front to take part in its preparation. Chef Holland introduced the mastery of French cooking to pupils, all the while expanding the pupils French vocabulary as she worked through the stages required to make this classic French dish.

Fresh Ingredients for RatatouilleMadame Hollands Cookery School
28th April 2017

Today we welcomed PCSO N.Simmons (E-Safety Officer for East Kent as part of the Kent Police Strategic Partnership Command). She spoke to Years 5 and 6 pupils about E-Safety.

St Christopher’s School identifies that the internet and information communication technologies are an important part of everyday life and we believe children must be supported to be able to learn how to develop strategies to manage and respond to risk so they can be empowered to build resilience online. As part of that objective PCSO Simmons delivered two seperate hour long interactive presentations on a number of topics with a particular focus on social networking. 

Children were reminded of who to go to if they feel unsafe online including telling an adult they trust. In addition pupils looked at the CEOP Button ( which is an essential tool in reporting things that have happened online that have worried you or made you feel unsafe. You will notice the CEOP button on every page on our school website as well as a plethora of additional E-Safety resources available here: /parents/resources-for-parents/

Kent Police Logo
27th April 2017

Table Tennis star Darius Knight visited St Christopher's School. Darius is currently playing for England on the ITTF World Pro Tour Circuit and counts European Youth Champion, Youth Olympic Champion, British Men's Champion and a member of Team GB for London 2012 amongst his accolades. He is therefore well placed to come to St Christopher's to deliver a professional circuit training workout to the whole school in addition to holding a whole school assembly to talk about how he came into sport and his ongoing success as a professional sports star.‚Äč

The presentation from Darius was excellent, focusing on the idea that we all have a talent but invariably it is hard work and practice that allows us to reach our goals. Do something you have a passion for and work hard and you can achieve anything. A good example of this theme is featured in a book by Matthew Syed entitled 'Bounce'.

Table Tennis Start Darius Knight Talking to Pupil's
15th March 2017

Our Digital Leaders held an Informative assembly to the whole school disseminating Information they had received from the Digital Leaders workshop at the Kent Police Training College in Maidstone on 7th February. This included the 'CEOP' reporting button and who to go to If you feel unsafe online. Congratulations to Amy, Liam, Emma and William for an excellent assembly and it is great to see pupils sharing knowledge, particularly about internet safety, to their peers. Please, over the Easter break, visit our website under "/parents/resources-for-parents/" and familiarise yourself with the plethora of resources available there and particularly the 'CEOP button' located on every page along the bottom 'banner' (pictured to the left - Those viewing this letter on line can click this picture!)

Digital Leaders Prepared for an Internet Safety Assembly
24th February 2017

We were delighted to have the Lord Mayor and Lady Mayoress visit St Christopher’s School to lead our ‘Friday Awards Assembly’.

The Lord Mayoralty is the highest office which the Canterbury district can bestow and it was an excellent follow-up presentation to the Councillor of Barton Ward (Oliver Fawcett) visit on 10th February 2017. The Lord Mayor delivered an excellent talk to pupils about the traditions associated with the Lord Mayor's role as well as a detailed and informative presentation of the regalia. Pupils were shown the Chain of Office, The Sword, Mace, Robes and the Burghmote Horn. Eagle eyed children will also have spotted the civic car in the car park on the way home! A position steeped in history and you can find out more information on the Canterbury City Council website. In preparation for the Lord Mayor’s visit, St Christopher’s School staff had prepared a writing competition. Years 1-4 had to answer the question: What would you do and what would you change if you were Prime Minster? Year 5 had to answer 'What would you do and what would you change if you were a local Councillor? and Year 6 had to answer 'Why is local democracy important?'. We were delighted with the response from children and the Lord Mayor, very appropriately given the nature of the questions, had the pleasure of presenting the certificates and a Waterstones book voucher to spend (and just in time for World Book Day). Well done to everyone who entered the competition. A special mention to Anna in Year 4 who was presented an award by the Lady Mayoress for donating her long hair to the Little Princess Trust, providing real hair to children suffering from hair loss. A thoroughly enjoyable afternoon and a wonderful opportunity for pupils to understand more about our local democracy as well as an insight into the rich history and traditions of our local area. A big thank you to the Lord Mayor 

The Lord Mayor Presenting the 'Friday Awards Assembly'
13th January 2017

We held a World Religion Day assembly to promote inter-faith understanding and harmony and to unite everyone, whatever their faith.

A variety of events are held around the world and people are encouraged to acknowledge the similarities that different faiths have.Special services are held around the world, celebrating similarities, creating understanding and showing how we can work together to create a better world.

 At St Christopher’s School we took part in discussions, activities and assemblies about World Religion Day. Our assembly was led by year 6, who made presentations on their own and other religions to display to the school and share their passion, facts and even famous religious foods! 

14th November 2016

As part of Anti-Bullying week 2016 Mr Payne ,our DSL, delivered an excellent assembly on Anti-Bullying, introducing the themes of this years 'Power for Good' scheme as well as introducing why we are a part of the Anti-Bullying Alliance initiative. More information on the Anti-Bullying Week 2016 can be found at 

'Power for Good' Scheme LogoMr Payne Presenting the 'Power for Good Scheme' to Pupil's
13th October 2016

Sarah Walker from NSPCC came to speak to our Key Stage 1 and Year 3 pupils today to remind them to Speak Out & Stay Safe. Pupils learnt, through intuitive and clear ideas, to speak to someone if they are unhappy or feel unsafe. Pupils received a certificate for being such excellent listeners and even practiced talking PANTS. More information on PANTS can be found at 

Sarah Walker from NSPCC Talking to Key Stage 1 and Tear 3 Pupil's
10th October 2016

Every year we celebrate Harvest Festival and this year we are raising contributions for our local Foodbank. We invited the Foodbank team in to school to hold our morning assembly so they could demonstrate to the children what it is they do, why, what they need and who the contributions go to.  

It was an informative assembly and pupils look forward to bringing in their contributions for Wednesday as part of our Harvest Festival event.

The Food Bank Team Presenting to Pupil's
8th March 2016 Years 5 & 6 enjoyed a visit from PCSO Mandy Kimpton (Online Safety for East Kent). She discussed with pupils about potential issues that may arise online (from apps on devices to YouTube) and who to go to if you feel unsafe. An excellent and informative talk. Parents were invited to a seminar after school on the same day. Online Safety Assembly by Mandy Kimpton from PCSO
9th February 2016

The whole school took part in Safer Internet Day 2016. Pupils enjoyed a whole school assembly presentation from Mr Payne. In addition classes took part in individual lessons designed to appeal specifically to the classes age group.

This assembly allowed pupils, staff and parents to focus their attention on internet safety above and beyond what is featured in our broad and balanced curriculum.

Mr Payne Presenting the Safer Internet Day 2016 Assembly



8th February 2016 The whole school enjoyed our Chinese New Year assembly. Pupils at the school dressed up in either something red or as an animal from the Chinese Zodiac. In addition the children had lessons in Chinese from our Mandarin teacher followed by a delicious Chinese meal for lunch. Pupil's Dressed in Red or as Animals in the Chinese New Year Assembly