Years 4 & 6 Visit Walderchain Woods

Following on from St Christopher's School Science Week (click here for a copy of the Science Week Newsletter!) pupils from Years 4 & 6 visited Walderchain Woods in Barham.

On the morning of Tuesday 20th March, children arrived at school suitably equipped for a day exploring the habitats of local woodland wildlife.

The first order of business, upon arrival in the woods, was to search for kindling, to get the campfire started (a most welcome endeavour, as it was a bit chilly!).

Once the children had demonstrated their fire lighting skills, Hannah, our guide for the day, showed the adventurers a variety of animal skulls. The children were taught how to identify different species from their remains. It should be added that some remains were a little fresher than others!

After examining a wide variety of exhibits, it was time to go hunting for animal’s homes and scats.

We discovered a number of rabbit burrows and badger sets; unfortunately, the fox’s earth eluded us. However, evidence of a number of squirrel dreys were visible in the trees.

Following a hearty lunch, the children (and teachers) enjoyed some free time and demonstrated the enjoyment that can be had from creative, child initiated play in the woods.                                                             

After burning off excess energy, we were treated to a demonstration of tracking techniques, with the children trying out the movements of a number of animals.Being a ‘bunny rabbit at speed’ proved particularly tricky to master! 

The activities culminated in a game which allowed the children to demonstrate their skills in moving silently around the forest. Our plucky young pheasants were blindfolded, with the task of detecting the hungry foxes. Regrettably, one or two of the pheasants ended up as dinner for the foxes!

After a fun-packed day of open-air learning, we returned to school, buzzing from the experience and harbouring a desire to return in the near future.

With many thanks to Hannah, at Natural Pathways, for hosting us. More information on Natrual Pathways can be found on their website here