Year 6 Dodgeball Team Success

St Christopher's School sent our Year 6 Dodgeball team (pictured below) to Canterbury Academy on 1st February 2018. Competing under the umbrella of the Canterbury Academy Sports Partnership our brave 'Dodgeballers' entered the competition featuring sixteen other schools. It was a fantastic event and our team earned 2nd place. A superb achievement.

Last years competition (9th February) our team won 2 games and lost 3, this year we won 4 games and lost one (the final!!). It is fair to say our Dodgeball team have made excellent progress! 

As a reward, pupils chose to play a staff Dodgeball team (selected by our Dodgeball Heroes) made up of Mrs G, Mr Payne, Ms. Tooth, Mrs Ongley, Mr Kundu and Mr Cracknell. The end of lunch break match proved a game too far however as the staff team rallied together to win 6-0.