Online Safety Page Updates

St Christopher’s School identifies that the internet and information communication technologies are an important part of everyday life so children must be supported to be able to learn how to develop strategies to manage and respond to risk so they can be empowered to build resilience online as an alternative to a blanket blocking or filtering of the internet.

As a result ,before the start of the Autumn Term 2017, we are pleased to draw your attention to our Parent Resource page available at /parents/resources-for-parents/. In addition you can follow the school twitter account for regular links to useful resources.

Please find below some ideas to help promote conversations about online safety over the holidays: An excellent article by the team at 'Parent Zone' focusing on key concepts for the safe use of the internet. - Key advice for parents as an introduction to Internet Safety written by the Safer Internet Centre. We have close links with the UK Safer Internet Centre as part of our Safer Internet Day celebrations (Tuesday 6th February 2018 - Save the Date!) - During the last academic year pupils learnt the PANTS rule from the NSPCC representative. Take this opportunity to remind yourselves via this link. - Excellent advice and interactive tools for parents from the Anti-Bullying Alliance who run our Anti-Bullying Week (13th-17th November 2017 - Save the Date!)

The school's Online Safety policy is available on our policies page at /information/policies/