St Christopher's School Sports Day

St Christopher's School Pupils, Staff and Parents enjoyed a fantastic annual Sports Day at the Polo Farm Sports Club on 30th June 2017.

Each child represented one of the school's three houses: Marlowe (Blue), Chaucer (Yellow) or Dickens (Green). For each race pupils would win points for their team by competing in races for a chance to win the Inter-House Sports Cup. Could Dickens maintain their grip on the trophy after winning it last year? Or would Chaucer or Marlowe steal it away? The scores were extremely close throughout the day as pupils took part in races involving sprints (pictured right), skipping ropes, sacks, eggs & spoons and teddy bears aswell as throwing events and mini-miles (pictured below). However it was the 'treble point' events that turned the day in favour of the eventual winners.  Unbeaten in 'Tug-of-War' and clear winners in the 'Relay-Race' a massive congratulations to Marlowe whose Sports Captain (pictured below) lifted the Inter-House Cup ,as presented by Mr Evans, with alacrity at the end of day.

It must be said the children were superb throughout the day and took part with a fantastic spirit and endeavour. Well done to everyone who took part.

Honourable mentions of course to the Parents who took part in events. Mrs Henrich winning the Mum's race - and even managed a Usain Bolt style 'look-back'! Mr Cracknell winning the Dad's race (as author I have elected not to elaborate at the risk of self-agrandisement!). Well done to the Parents and Staff who took part in the tug-of-war. However it was comprehensively decided by a strong Parents team!  

Alongside the events on the track was a beautiful selection of refreshments. A thank you to the PT&FA for running the stall and an equal thank you to the parents who provided the refreshments. For information on

the PT&FA can be found at /information/ptfa/

A copy of the programme that was available on the day can be found at /parents/lettershome/

And finally...a big thank you to Polo Farm for hosting us. More information on the Polo Farm and the excellent Sporting Facilities is available at