St Christopher's School Election Day

St Christopher's School staff and pupils held a school election on 8th June 2017 to celebrate the General Election and the democratic process. Following a busy timetable (below) pupils were immersed in the General Election process from creating a party, identity and manifesto to campaigning and voting.

The election was called by Mr Hempenstall who wanted to gain a majority at St Christopher's School (!?) for his 'Fit and Awake' party. Pupils were campaigning for overall power of the school and were split into Pre-R (Superhero Party), EYFS (Golden Party), Year 1 and 2 (Fit and Awake Party), Year 3 and 4 (The Christo Party), Year 5 and 6 (Kids Choice Party). The results came in at 2.45pm (the fastest vote count in election history (sorry Sunderland) and The Superhero Party won. Their manifesto is available to view on their curriculum page /our-curriculum/reception/. The results in full can be found on our tweet on our twitter page from 8th June at

As a reward to The Superhero Party we are holding a Superhero Day on 23rd June 2017. This will be a day for the winning party to realise their manifesto (yes...including Ghostbusters Theme and Rainbow Tablecloths). Congratulations to all the parties who took part and for making it such a memorable day at St Christopher's School. More information on the Superhero Day is available at /parents/lettershome/

Timetable of the Day:

9-9.30am Assembly from Mr Hempenstall - General Election Introduction
9.30-10.00am Create Your Party: Create your parties identity, including name, slogan and logo (including campaign posters and rosettes) Deadline for Campaign submissions is 10.00am!
10.00-10.30am Break
10.30-11.15am Write Your Parties Manifesto
11.15-12.00pm Make a campaign presentation
12.00-1.20pm  Lunch Break (take this opportunity to campaign for your party)
1.20pm Campaign Presentation - Your final chance to present to the whole school your campaign ideas
2.15pm Whole School Vote
2.45pm Results Announcement