School Lunches

St Christopher's School is proud of its lunchtime provision. Mrs P. Baker and Mrs D. Wallace cater for a wide range of dietary requirements and are always happy provide a vegetarian alternative in addition to a fresh fruit alternative to the dessert. Please contact either Mr Cracknell or Mrs Kemp in the school office to discuss your child's individual requirements.

 School Menu 

Thu 7th Sep 17
Fri 8th Sep 17




Sausages (Quorn) in Gravy with New Potatoes and Mixed Vegetables
Butterscotch Angel Delight
Fresh Fruit
Fish Fingers with Chips and Baked Beans
Jelly and Ice Cream
Fresh Fruit


Mon 11th Sep 17
Tue 12th Sep
Wed 13th Sep
Thu 14th Sep
Fri 15th Sep
Spaghetti (Veg Mince) Bolognaise with Grated Cheese


Vanilla Cheesecake
Fresh Fruit





Sausage (Vegetarian) Rolls with Creamed Potatoes, Cabbage and Gravy
Raisin Flapjacks
Sliced Fresh Fruit





Cheese/Tuna with Mixed Salad and Croquette Potatoes


Apple Crumble and Custard
Fresh Fruit




Chicken (Quorn) Korma with Plain Rice and Naan Bread


Iced Sponge
Fresh Fruit




Fish Fillets  with Chips and Baked Beans
Ice Cream Cornets with Chocolate Sauce
Fresh Fruit



*Vegetarian Alternative in (Brackets)

Children are given the option of fresh fruit for dessert everyday