Attendance & Punctuality

The Attendance Tree

Good attendance and punctuality are hugely important at St Christopher's School. It benefits a child's personal development, academic development and ensures they have full access to our broad and balanced curriculum.

Information sent home to parents about the 'Persistent Absence Threshold' can be found at /parents/lettershome/. As with all letters, this can also be requested from the school office in hard-copy.

At St Christopher's School we aim for high attendance rates for these reasons and one of the ways we actively promote this is by following our 'Attendance Tree'. 

A large display board in plain site, it is a fun and visually engaging way of promoting a positive attitude from the children toward attendance and punctuality. The 'rules' are as follows:

  • Each week the class with the BEST overall attendance will earn an ‘Attendance Apple’ for their class to hang over their class entrance
  • Each week the class with the BEST overall punctuality will earn a ‘Punctuality Pear’ for their class to hang over their class entrance
  • Weekly attendance figures are published above each classroom door as well as on the Attendance Tree so pupils can have collective aspirations toward better attendance and puonctuality

Of course who can forget our Attendance Apple and Punctuality Pear mascots (below), presented to the best class during the Friday assembly once a week.

The Punctuality Pear and Attendance Apple