"St Christopher's School is Outstanding in so many ways. Sending our children to your school is one of the best and happiest decisions we may ever make in our lives"

"We realize that Dimitri would not be where he is today had it not been for your confidence in him and the extraordinary support you provided him"

"Behaviour is outstanding - You just have to see the relationships that the children have with each other to know that these are the same relationships that are modelled by the staff"

"The school continues to attract and retain great teachers who all demonstrate a real love of teaching and show great care for the children"

Full and unabridged testimonials are available below. 

    Current Parent Testimonial - 2.12.14[147.58KB]
    Ms Myers[63.83KB]
    Mrs E Hanney[122.32KB]
    Dr Alexiades and Dr Peluso[109.68KB]
    Mr and Mrs Tamsett[114.04KB]
    Mr and Mrs Easter[137.67KB]
    Mrs Hallesmith[260.65KB]
    Dr l. Hanney[401.65KB]

    Parent View

    The Parent View system also gives an overview of the school which is available at parent-view-results

    Parents of children at the school can submit their results to Parent View at login give-your-view