The School Advisory Body

The School Advisory Body offers strategic advice to the school and has a vital role to play in making sure every child achieves the best possible outcomes. As advisors they work in determining the aims and overall conduct of the school by reviewing plans, policies and procedures and holding management to account to ensure effective leadership.

Please be advised that any questions or concerns should initially be taken up with the school directly - namely the class teacher and/or The Master. If there are still concerns that the matter has not been dealt with satisfactorily then please contact the School Advisory Body at: or contact-us

The School Advisory Body always endeavour to keep matters raised as confidential. However, because of the very nature of some matters, confidentiality cannot be promised.

The School Advisory Body currently has the following members:

The Master

Mr D. Evans The Master

Deputy Head

Mr S. Perry  Deputy-Head

Parent Advisors

Mr P. Bailey Special Educational Needs
Mr S. Farkhondeh Safeguarding
Mrs L. Norris Health & Safety
Mrs L. Fox-Percy Teaching & Learning - Core Subjects
Mrs S. Silsbury Staff Representative
Mr P. Styles Teaching & Learning - Other Subjects

Co-opted Advisors

Mr T. Easter Chairman
Mrs R. Halle-Smith Vice Chair / Staffing

Clerk to the School Advisory Body

Mrs A. Kemp Clerk