School History

St. Christopher's School Building Pencil Drawing

The property was formerly known as part of the Barton Estate in the Parish of St Paul near and without the walls of the City of Canterbury. The deeds show the property was originally called “Clotony’ then “Astley” 43 New Dover Road then finally (as it is now) renumbered to 48 New Dover Road from 15.8.1949.


1.8.1865 – Conveyance of a piece of land, part of the Barton Estate, for £460.10. Mrs Mary Elizabeth Chesshyre Widow (relict of Revd, W J Chesshyre decd.) John Edward Walker and Jonathan Townley to George Lancefield.


29.1.1921 – Conveyance of Freehold of “Clotony” 43 New Dover Road for £900. Dr John Reynolds to Mrs Alice Jessie Marshall (Wife of General John Willoughby Marshall, retd)

5.9.1929 – Conveyance of “Astley” 43 New Dover Road, Canterbury for £1,500. Mrs Alice Jessie Marshall to Mrs Jessie Mabel Hunt and Miss Gertrude Helena Clements.

6.9.1929 – Release of restrictive covenant. Permitting use as a school.  Miss Margaret Campbell Cole of 42 New Dover Road to Mrs JM Hunt and Miss G H clements.

During the war, the school removed to the Deputy Head’s home on the Whitstable Road in Canterbury. There were eight children who not evacuated, two being Mr David Evans’ (the current Master) brother and sister, the Hopper children and the Mount children. Once to the school ‘proper’ had been emptied, it was taken over by Canadian troops who were being trained for what turned out to be the Normandy Invasion. They were billeted here whilst being trained at the Canterbury Barracks.

Headteacher Miss Clements and Miss Arrowsmith, were like the two characters from James and the Giant Peach. Miss Clements was like Aunt Sponge, “short and rather squidgy” and Miss Arrowsmith, Miss Spiker, lived up to her name, being “tall, thin and as my brother said ‘not dissimilar to a garden rake!’”. Just as mentioned previously, it was to her house on the Whitstable Road, the school temporarily moved to, and when the air raid sirens went, the eight of them, and presumably Miss Arrowsmith, retired to the cellar and crawled under a large oak table, but I digress. However, it is worth noting, St Christopher’s school, as an institution, never closed during the war.

15.8.1949 – Statutory Notice to renumber from 43 to 48 New Dover Road

November 1963 – Schedule of tenants fixtures and chattels to be included in the purchase of the goodwill by Mrs Angus (Mrs C Milsom’s Mother)

18.1.1964 – Assignment of goodwill of St Christopher’s School. Miss G H Clements to Mrs E S C Angus.

26.6.1974 – Grant planning application CA/74/380/CAN. Erection of School Assembly Hall.

22.12.1977 – Contract of sale. Mr P M Clements to Mrs E S C Angus

15.2.1978 – Grant of planning application CA/78/1/CAN. Erection of single garage.

20.8.1979 – Counterpart lease. 20 Years from 24.6.1979. Mrs E S C Angus to Mr John Heanue & Mrs Monica Heanue

5.8.1988 – Duplicate license to assign lease G J Whale and D T Rae to Mr John Potts and Mrs Lorna Potts.

8.8.1983 – Change of name deeds (attached to 5.8.1988 licence to assign lease). 

St. Christopher's School Building Artwork

John David Potts to John David Archer. Lorna Margaret Potts to Lorna Margaret Archer

5.8.1992 – Addition of fire escape to the rear. Mrs C G Milsom to Mr & Mrs Archer.

1.8.2000 – Mr Davis Evans and Mrs Alison Evans takeover lease for St Christopher’s School.

6.9.2013 – St Christopher’s School Celebrates 90 Years in Education.


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